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              中國   |   vidas world

              Hi, Welcome to VIDAS!

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              Vidas brand was born in 2009 to provide customers with high-quality full-house custom liberation program. Since its inception, the company has

              introduced advanced European processing equipment, established covering solid wood, wood skin, baking paint, plate and other mature

              production systems, the two major production bases in Guangzhou covers an area of 200000 feet, annual conventional shipments of more than

              200, 000 square. Because of the past good performance, Vidas has won the capital markets.


              Obviously, over the years, the effective vertical integration for our industry has established a strong personalized customization advantage. In the past few years, in the first and second tier cities in China, high quality home stores have gained a large number of loyal users through the

              opening of direct and franchise stores. At the same time, Vidas has established stable relations with Townsend, Honolulu, Dubai Atlantes 7

              Star Hotel Group.


              A growing number of European customers favor us and make better progress in quality standards and design leadership by working with them

              in depth .


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